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As a photographer I began the transition to the digital realm in the 1990's and today I no longer use film for my artistic, commercial or personal work. I find that not only does digital imaging technology get better with every new camera introduction and Adobe Photoshop update, but in my opinion the Digital work-flow now affords more creative possibilities for my images than the traditional film based darkroom. Images that were either impossible to realize or were very difficult to produce are now possible with the "digital darkroom".
My personal work during this time has been a combination of both traditional photographic imagery and work in the areas of light and color manipulation. Straight photography or non-manipulated images both in color and black and white are one important part of my photographic explorations, much as they were with my film-based imagery. HDR (high dynamic range) imagery and experimental work with camera created motion enhancement, are also areas of concentration for my work.
My most recent work has returned me to the area of documentary photography and images of people. I recently had the opportunity to revisit this area of exploration on a photographic tour of Cuba, a place that has until recently been off limits to Americans. This work can be seen in several of my galleries here on Zenflio.

Jack Surran